Support Services

Project Formulation and Finance

The success of an enterprise often depends on the proper and careful formulation of a project taking into account the aspirations of the trainee and the knowledge and skills s/he has acquired during the training programme. The services of experts will be requisitioned to ensure that a viable project plan is formulated. Apart from the biodata of the entrepreneur, the project report will have a detailed description of what the project is about; the demand-supply position and the market potential capital costs and working capital requirements and their possible sources and a probable profit and loss account. Every entrepreneur has to prepare an implementation roadmap/timetable for timely completion of all activities involved in setting up an enterprise. The Support Services division will establish a healthy ecosystem for financing small scale projects with the support of financial institutions, government agencies and project finance professionals.

Establishment & Governance

The governance division will assist in the preparation of the business proposal, especially in the area of finance; in preparing the budget and fund flow statement of the project. It will also explore the possible sources of finance for the project, including new generation funding sources like angel financing and venture capital; prepare a list of banks and other financial institutions involved in financing small scale projects; stay updated with various government schemes aimed at promoting small scale enterprises; train the entrepreneur in the preparation of an easy-to-follow worksheet for managing the expenses and account documentation of the project and in digitizing all financial data for easy access, interpretation and cost-benefit analysis. Besides, AASK will also provide appropriate administrative training to help the entrepreneur run the affairs of the unit without problems.

Production & Marketing

The production support team will prepare a Production Process/Flow Chart (PPC) and a meticulous cost-benefit analysis before placing orders to minimize production costs and thus maximize profits. It will also guide the entrepreneur in assessing the extent of machines and skilled workers needed and the power and water required. It will help the entrepreneur acquire statutory and regulatory clearances wherever required and in computing the MSP of the product taking into consideration all variable costs like packing, transportation, dealer/wholesaler margin etc. The Marketing & Sustenance section of the Support Services division will formulate an appropriate marketing strategy for each enterprise involving three stages; selecting a target market, specifying the marketing strategy and creating a marketing mix.