• This intense intervention is unique of AASK. Once some one has enrolled as a trainee or in our term as aspiring entrepreneur, we will continue providing all the support with strategic handholding mechanism through our support service division. The Support Service Division (SSD) is the Outcome and Impact Division of AASK. This will be the second phase of activities, which will transform the Trainees to a Self-reliant entrepreneur (Atmanirbhar).
  • Though the Training time schedule is of 75 working days (3 months), but the Support Service Activities will be of 12 months to 18 months, till the Trainee turn Entrepreneur stands on its own with the new endeavour / enterprise. A complete value- added handholding services will be provided with regular mentoring and monitoring of various entrepreneurial activities. Broadly the SSD of ASK will work on the 5 areas, such as
  1. Project Formulation,
  2. Finance Linkage & Governance,
  3. Sourcing Plant & Machineries, and Raw materials,
  4. Production Support,
  5. Marketing & Sustenance.