• AASK will mostly focus the village industries sector, which is primarily agro-based. Exploring the locally available Raw materials and process the agro and allied produces, adding the technical knowhow to produce a finished product for consumption or use is the purpose. And keeping in mind the background of the entrepreneur, the production process should be planned meticulously, so that the entrepreneur saves valuable time and money.
  • The Objective of Marketing Support Service Division is to develop Marketing Strategy for each of the enterprises in AASK’s handholding network. The thrust will be typically designed around three elements: selecting a target market, specifying the market strategy, and creating a marketing mix.A business aims at earning reasonable profits by satisfying the needs of customers. The 6 objectives of marketing support programmes are,
  1. Creation of Demand,
  2. Customer Satisfaction,
  3. Market Share,
  4. Generation of Profits,
  5. Creation of Goodwill and Public Image, and
  6. Sustenance.